How to Boost Blog Traffic With Just One FREE Hack

How to Boost Blog Traffic With Just One FREE Hack

Blogging is one of the most effective ways nowadays for building brands. Whether your goal is to build a community, promote a website, launch a product or all together, most likely you’ve already started your own blog or at least thought about doing that.

Having a blog tied to your main website increases your page views and SEO efforts adds volume to your site and recognizes your brand as an authority.

Starting a blog is extremely easy using WordPress (or similar). You can go from zero to having a fully-functioning blog in no time. The simplicity of establishing a brand new blog lowered the barrier of non-tech individuals from starting their own. Endless online courses and tutorials made this easy and cheap than ever.

So we are good, aren’t we?

Despite the simplicity of establishing a new blog for your brand, you have a few more difficulties to overcome on your way of having a well-familiar blog.

First, you need to write, a lot. In order to keep your community engaged with your blog, you have to write high-value content frequently. Depends on the time you decided to invest in this process, releasing 1–2 pieces of valuable content a week is a great start.

But, it’s definitely not enough. Because writing awesome stuff that no one gets to read worth basically nothing. As a new blogger, you might sometimes think that following the tutorials posted over and over online about making a keyword research, using great SEO plugins, writing rich content, sharing it on social media will lead to a huge boost in traffic to your blog. Unfortunately, it’s often not what happens.

As long as you keep using the same methods everyone is using for getting your content out there, you’ll keep barely see results and your posts will be buried in the huge blogging graveyard, that contains, by the way, MANY AWESOME posts that nobody got to see, exactly like yours.

So what can you do? On the one hand, you’re busy doing everything you can building your community. On the other hand, You don’t have a community to support your efforts for building your community. You see what I’m talking about here — it’s a chicken and egg problem. And in order to get out of this situation and to standout of the crowd, you have to do something that other people don’t do.

So in case you’re trying to break the glass behind your blog’s ceiling and boost your traffic continuously with zero budget in marketing, you’ve landed just on the right post.

In order to generate a stable stream of traffic to your blog over time, traffic that actually consists of real people that are interested in your brand, product or business, you should generate MANY small to medium explosions in many places that will build up together your brand awareness.

Meet Distribunity.

What is Distribunity?

Distribunity is a new way of community-based distribution. It uses the endless power of a large community to leverage distribution x10 faster. The huge community that operates Distribunity is distributed all over the world and consists of MANY talented individuals own online brands, products and businesses exactly like yours.

Imagine you’ve just posted a new post on your blog talking about the top 10 tips for dog owners. Now it’s time for spreading the word so the world can read your valuable content:

1) You log into the Distribunity

2) Add a link to your new post

3) Choose whether you want them to like your post, comment or share it.

4) Filter the audience to dog owners and similar, add advanced settings if necessary

5) Submit your task

Once you submit your task, thousands of individuals will get noticed about your new post a will start distributing it exactly the way you want. This process will cause accelerated engagement with your post from like-minded people and boost your efforts dramatically.

Is it really FREE?

Distribunity is totally free.

It is based on a simple value for value principle. Once you join the community you’ll be provided with credits. You earn them once you complete other people’s tasks.

Once you submit a task for other people to complete, you “pay” using your credits. Credits stay in the community and have nothing to do with real money.

Distribunity is the new way for getting out there

– Targeting only the individuals you’d like them to distribute your content (for example, dog lovers, kite surfers or tech enthusiasts).

– The community that distributes your posts is most likely to attract more like-minded people.

– The diversity of the community is huge, which is a big advantage for social platforms. Once Facebook or Twitter notice interest from a diverse audience regarding a specific post they realize that something interesting is probably going on. This way you can go viral much easier.

– Whether you’d like a peak in your traffic for 24 hours or a continuous stream of traffic over weeks, you can set your scheduling preferences very easily.

And you get it all for FREE! So what are you waiting for? All you have left is to write great content.

To stand out of the crowd — join Distribunity now to start boosting your traffic in the most effective way.

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